Cyber-bullying by definition is; The use of any kind of electronic device (through electronic communication) to bully another person. Typically by sending messages that are of a intimidating or threatening nature.


One of out ten teens report being bullied online.

About 80 percent of teens have a cell phone and use it regularly.

Overweight teens- 61% percent have had others post embarrassing or mean comments about them online. 59% have received mean or hurtful texts/emails from bully's.

Recent Case:



12 year old Rebecca Sedwick committed suicide by jumping off a concrete factory after being bullied (cyber/physical) by several classmates but one in particular, Katelyn Roman who was age 13 and a grade above Rebecca. Katelyn denies cyber-bullying and says she does not feel guilty about Rebecca's death. However, a Polk county sheriff Grady Judge found evidence proving Katelyn's denied claim for cyber-bullying Rebecca. Judge found Facebook messages from Katelyn to Rebecca saying "drink bleach and die." As well as one "Yes i know I bullied Rebecca and that she killed herself but idgaf." Rebecca's mother sued Katelyn and her family but since the lawsuit and more information has been gathered charges have been dropped.

Theory; Ineracteractionist theory. Katelyn was learning cyber-bully behavior from her parents/ other classmates involved. Her parents feel like she did nothing wrong. Her mom did not monitor her daughters online activity. Her mom claims "It was just one fight, its normal" Katelyn feels she did nothing wrong.

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