The Principles and Elements of Design

This picture uses LINES to show a heartbeat
This picture uses POINT to indicate a location in space
The picture uses COLOR to identify the explosion
VALUE decides the lightness and darkness of this blue green color
lines that meet make up this SHAPE
The use of 3 dimensions make up this FORM
The use of SPACE helps to imply depth between the planets and moons
TEXTURE helps identify this picture as a tree stump
The fish stands out because of its color compared to the background creating EMPHASIS
CONTRAST establishes the difference in color between the two flowers
This picture shows RHYTHM because of the repetition in the waves
This picture represents PROPORTION because of the size of the sky scraper compared to the smaller buildings
The UNITY of this picture lies in the repetition of shape and color
This uses ECONOMY because its made of simple and bare elements yet still gets the point across
The plant represents RADIAL SYMMETRY because its similar around a central axis
This is an example of TYPOGRAPHY because of the use of the style of font in printing material.
This is a GRAPHICAL DESIGN because it combines text (typography) and and pictures to create an advertisement.
The picture forms a pleasing and consistent whole so it demonstrates HARMONY.
The American flag uses SYMBOLISM to represent freedom.

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