Hi, my name is Thomas Jefferson but my friends like to call me "The pen of the revolution".I live in a big house called the Monticello . I built it all by myself.

I wrote the Declaration of independence in 1776 (I was only 23). I love books so much that i was able to sell 10,000 to the US liberty of congress and still have thousands left over.I started the University of Virginia.

I had 6 children but only two survived, Mary and Martha (R.I.P to my lil angels). My father died when I was only 14.One thing that i love and everybody knows is music. I was a little unsure about listening to the music now -a-days but it was actually pretty good. And does anybody know what that " Young Thug" fellow is saying all I hear is what came out of John Adams mouth when he tried to run against me.

I'm so smart that I went to college at 17 (talk about SCHOLAR).I'm happily married to my college sweet heart. She also helped me become president. As young people like to say these days she's my WCW or WCE or whatever that nonsense is.

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