World War One MYSTERIES...

Why did the USA declare war on Germany?

After the many threats from Germany, the USA finally declared war on the 6th April 1917. Although it was expected early that the USA would enter World War One on the Allied Forces, fighting against Germany, why did they declare war so late? An important event that led up to the war was the 'Sinking of the Lusitania' caused by the German Unrestricted U-Boat Campaign. Americans were really annoyed at the fact that the Germany's U-Boat threat would prevent British trade, but when the U-Boats sank 128 innocent Americans on the 'Lusitania' in May 1915, it led to a protest by the United States, the Germans reduced their indiscriminate sinking of ships which ensured the USA’s continued neutrality. However, the death of so many US citizens and then the sinking of US vessels led to a deterioration of relations between Germany and the USA. Another reason was the revelation of the Zimmermann Telegram that outraged the American public opinion. American merchant ships were armed to defend themselves against German submarines, which had started to attack them. This news helped generate support for the US declaration of war on Germany in April of that year - 1917. And to top it off, Russia's defeat in 1917 gave the USA their final reason to fight in war. Because the USA didn't have to supply forces to help Russia, the USA could single-handedly support Britain and win the war against the Germans.

The Front Page of 'The New York Times' Following the Sinking

How significant was the USA's contribution
to the Allies during the War?

Midway through the war, USA joined on the Allied Forces, their contribution helped Britain win and end the war for good on the 11th November 1918. The US was a massive material factory for the allies, they supplied raw material, money, destroyers, tanks, firearms and ammunition. They sent 4 million troops to fight in Europe and the infusion of new US troops greatly strengthened the Allies' strategic position and boosted morale. The US mobilized over 4,000,000 military personnel and suffered 110,000 deaths, during the war. But in the end, German morale had collapsed both at home and on the battlefield, causing them to lose the war. As the USA's contribution was extremely successive, I would say that there contribution was necessary and significant, this is because without supplies from the US, Britain would be forced to ration since there was athe lack of food and supplies - by the time the US joined, Britain only had 6 weeks of food supply left..

Poster showing Uncle Sam arm-in-arm with Britannia

Why did Russia collapse in 1917 and
How did this effect the War?

During the 8th of March to the 8th of November 1917, there was a revolution in Russia that caused Russia to back out of war. In the course of the war, the communists took over control of Russia and surrendered to Germany. Russia was too weak to fight anymore and had to surrender, this led to the removal of the Provisional Government that was replaced with a new Bolshevik (communist) government, the abdication of Nicholas II, a collapse of the Imperial Government and the Provisional Government, the creation of the Russian SFSR and the Beginning of the Russian Civil War. The Russia's collapse led to the USA's joining. Many German troops that fought against Russia were sent to fight against the USA. After Russia left, the USA went into war and helped the Royal Navy overcome the German U-Boats and end World War One with an Allied victory. After Russia's collapse, about a million German soldiers remained tied up in the east until the end of the war, attempting to run a short-lived addition to the German Empire in Europe. A year later, On the March 3rd 1918, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed and the Eastern Front ceased to be a war zone. Areas shown below was the territory Russia had to give in return to Germany.

The Red Area shows Land Lost by Russia in 1918

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