Stress MAnagement

                                                      By: Demoni Burroughs 7.MEH.2.2

How I handle stress

When I didn't make the basketball team I just worked on doing lay-ups, my free throws, and jump shots.


When I was making C's. I started to get angry until I started to study more and I started getting A's and B's on everything.

Fussing with with your parents

When I'm fussing with my parents we try to work it out. We try to change the subject and talk about what we do in school and what we learn.


Since I told my best friend everything and then one day we just stop talking to each other because she is mad at me she could go and tell my secrets to everybody and I could be embarrassed about it.


School give me stress because sometimes its hard and then when I learn something and its hard you might not want to ask questions because your scared what might happen.

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