Athletic Portfolio
by: Xavier Berry



The Offensive Line coach for Midway's JV team draws out the next play for the athletes.

Team Talk

The Safety coach for the Midway Panther Junior Varsity team talks strategy with the boys.

Against All Odds

Midway High School senior Jacob Wright finishes the 5k run to help his school earn points towards the overall score at the H.O.T. Cross Country meet in October of 2015.

"Let's Get Fired Up!"

The Midway varsity cheerleaders pump up the crowd at a basketball game in February 2015.

"M-H-S Let's Go!"

The Midway varsity cheerleaders perform a small routine at halftime of a basketball game in February 2015.

Running for Gold

Adam Pointer, a sophomore at Midway High School, finishes the first leg of the 4x400 meter relay run at the Waxahachie Invitational Track Meet in March 2015.

Pack Strength

Three schools compete in the 800 meter run, keeping in mind that there is strength in  numbers.


Enicia Dunston, a senior at Midway High School, prepares to run the 200 meter race at the 2015 Outdoor District meet.


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