Hey everyone! It's me, Leah B!

If you don't know me, that's okay, I'll introduce you anyway!

My personality is fun, hyper, and always open to new ideas. If you are a close friend of mine, you know I am always in a good mood, If I am mad, I am the last one you want to talk to. I'll probably end up hurting your feelings and have to apologize.
Anyways... I am a huge fan of acting. ❤️💙💚❤️💙💚❤️💙💚 My dream is to become a famous actress. I love acting because you get to play a different role in your life with a whole new personality! It's amazing to me! When you finish reading this autobiography, follow me if you like acting as well. If you do not, don't hate, appreciate!
I have two older sisters that are ten and twelve years older than me! I love 'em like a sister, oh wait.... They are a great inspiration to me for various reasons! They are always there for me and I just love them so much. I do not see them often because one is finishing college, and the other is in New York. I still call them all the time.
I really enjoy playig soccer, and going to the park.
I realize this was a short tackk, but I'll make more soon! Don't forget to follow me! Have a great day!