Hello everybody ! I'll be speaking to you about my trip to Ireland on March the 26th.

Thursday 26th March 2015 - We left at about 12h. The journey to Cherbourg was a bit long aproximatly 8h I think. On the bus we slept we sang and we laugh a lot with the Back Team  ( ArianeCharlotteAglaéeJeanneVioletteIntissarSimonCharlesBasileJean ). We had a really nice time. At about 20h we boarded into the boat. There were a loooot of people and I'm not gonna lie I was freaking out when we discovered the small room with my roomates Zoé, Leanne and Enora. I was really stressed and neraly had a panic attack into it so we went out to discover the boat and the deck. We ate a very healthy dish and also really yummy. At the evening, there was a small party going on into the boat so we danced with more or less envy ( Do you remember  Zoë? :p <3 ) After that we went back to our room and sing a bit of gospel with Leanne and then slept.

Blurry and Poop pic of the Back Team missing Jean and hidden Intissar :
No Make Up Selfie blurry and shiny in the bus with my love Susan
And here is a picture of Sleepy Susan taking the 2 seats for her nap ! Isn't she lovely? ( and wonderful )

Friday 27th March 2015 - We woke up and had breakfast and lunch on the boat. The journey was really long and we were really tired. We stayed on the boat until 17h I would say and during this time some were playing hide and seek and also Intissar Leanne and Simon have done a little "The Voice". We arrived later on the afternoon/evening. We met our Irish Family for the first time which was quite scary but that was okay. My roomate was Jeanne and Surprise Hélène for only one day. Our host was called Maureen she was lovely and her house beautiful. We had a room with 2 beds for Jeanne and I. The rules were quite strict like showers until 9/10pm for only 5min and the WiFi Stoped at 10pm. We ate Pizza and Chips healthy once more !   

Saturday 28th March 2015 - For our first day we went to the port to see Sea Lions which to be honest I found absolutely ugly and frightening ( sorry for sea lions lovers ). And then we went to A Viking Museum which was quite nice we discovered stuffs about dead bodies and bones found in the Tourbe quite scary obviously ! After the museums we got some freetime in Dublin. We ate in the Trinity College with a part of the Back Team and then went for a little shopping spree. Like Susan said we almost died when we saw Boots ( youtube and make up lover can't tell ) and when to Starbucks because you know it's a tradition for French people. And on the afternoon we went doing Gaelic Sport. Being honest I don't like sport but that was nice ! Handball was soooo nice I was pretty good at it ! And then we went back home for dinner. At night, there was a Irish Dance Party which I have really really like I wasn't excpecting that much !


Sunday 29th March 2015 - Today we went hiking into the woods. That was a really rainy and cloudy day. We spend approximately 4hours on the bus with winding roads quite frightenning ! We arrived at the hinking place. That was absolutely beautiful ! We walked where Michelle Obama walked what a privilege ! The weather was sooooo bad that we finished the day at the Shopping Center. We want to a grocery food shopping with a part of the Back Team once more. We went back home after this and then went out for a little party on the beach whoch was really nice !

Monday 30th March 2015 - We went to the Farm today ! I'm not going to lie I don't like the campagn and not very the animals but that was a funny day ! We make bread, dance and then learned how to play the Irish Drum that was funny ! After Lunch we draw on the white walls of the barn and because we are big kids we drawn on each other faces!

The funniest part of the day was the trip into the tractor ! We were all very close but that was nice the farmer  ( who was looking a lot like Santa ) was singing funny songs ! We went back home after this and meet everybody at the beach for our last evening together which was from far the best ! We were all happy and sad to leave the next day but we laughed a lot !

Tuesday 31th March 2015 - Today was our last day in Ireland. We had a semi-free day in Dublin for a shopping spree. There were a lot of shops that we don't have in France like Urban Outfiters, TopShop, Forever 21 and also Abercrombie and Fitch so we were very excited ! Wwent to a nice museum at about 3pm and after we went back on shopping. We went to Burger King twice a day because we have only one here in Lille and it's very busy ! That was a really nice day ! And because we are good tourists we went back to Starbucks !

At the evenning we took the bus and then the boat in the middle of the night and went back to sleep on the bus which wasn't really comfortable...

Wednesday 1st April 2015 - We wake up into the bus in a not very good condition but that was ok. We stopped at a motorway service area in England and Simon and I have bought some English stuffs quite nice and then we took the boat a second time to go  back to France and drove until we arrived in Lille. The journey back was very long...We were happy to arrived !

That was a really nice trip I would like to thanks all of our teachers for this really really nice trip ! xoxo  

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