Life with no Moon.

Brayden Hawkins


With the moon gone, life on Earth would change dramatically. Whenever night came it would be pitch black. People outside would not be able to find their way through the darkness.


Tides would no longer be as strong as before, making surfing harder than normal. It would be dangerous at night, people could commit tons of crimes under the cover of night. It would make life a lot harder than normal. People would have to carry portable lights at night, or they would get lost.


The moon phases wouldn't be there anymore, it would be the same one every time. The only thing you would be able to see is the New Moon phase. It would be extremely hard to see the phases because there is no moon.


There would be no more eclipses, without the moon it can't block the sun and make a solar eclipse. The lunar eclipse would no longer exist, for a lunar eclipse to happen we need the moon.


As you can see, without the moon life would be exceptionally harder. Nights would be dangerous as there is no light in the nighttime. Hopefully we won't lose the moon at any time in the future.

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