Portuguese Colonial Administrator

By Emily Newhoff

In being a Portuguese Colonial Administrator, their jobs took them all across the state of Goa in pursuit of controlling trade and ensuring native relations went smoothly, as well as the  spice trade.

This is a map of Goa, India. It shows all the conquests of Goa against Portugal. The colors represent the different defeats of Goa.

In the year 1510, Portugal overpowered the Sultans in Goa, India. Which gave them an advantage by having a location on a route in the spice trade.

Afonso de Albuquerque

Portuguese explorer Francisco de Almeida and general Afonso de Albuquerque (the governor)  were sent to Goa to set up an outpost and help spread the Portuguese empire to India.

Once the Portuguese took over Goa and started to set up the colony, people started to follow. With all the settlers, there was a need for supplies of all sorts for the outpost.

The governor needed help organizing the colony, so the job of administrator in the colony was established.

Being a colonial administrator is difficult. You are involved with everything that goes on in the colony from goods coming in and out all the way to the natives.

This is what the colony in Goa could have potentially looked like. It has high walls around the town to keep the natives out.

You have to overcome many challenges. For example there is a language barrirer between the natives and the Portuguese colonials. And because of the differences they didn't understand each others cultures; causing frustration and misunderstanding making them turn against each other. So the colonies built high walls around their land to keep native Goans out. That is just one of the many ways administrators have contributed to the way of life in colonies.

Overall, Portuguese colonial administers managed the trade going on through Goa;

made sure ship and spices were going tithe right place at right time (schedule). Also they had to learn the ways of Indians and tried to make peace with them. In conclusion these people were major parts of society.