By: Jalissa

The creation Of Panda Bears

The giant panda is the rarest member of the bear family. These playful bears that  weigh about to 220 to 331 pounds.

Giant pandas are found mostly in thick bamboo and coniferous forests. Unlike other bears, giant pandas do not hibernate. In the winter, they move to lower elevations to keep warm.

This is the Ailuropoda melanoleuca which is the Panda bear ancestor.Some of the panda bears are from china but the fossils of this bear was found in Spain.

Another part of the Panda Family is the Qinling panda. It is a subspecies of the Giant Panda bear. The Qinling panda is obviously smaller than the rest. It is found in the Foping, Yang County, Ningshan, Taibai and Cheggu areas of the Qinling Mountains

Panda Bears are the rarest bear on the planet. They are endangered. In the end 2006, there were a reported 180 pandas in captivity on mainland China, and there were about 20 in the other countries.

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