A recap on unalienable rights and consent by the governed

The unalienable rights

Thomas Jefferson gave us these rights. He believed that we all had certain rights that could not be taken away by a government or anyone. No matter what.

Government by consent

Government by consent is needed so it can keep order and the people will have a fair say. Without government by consent the government would be almost a monarchy or tyranny because the people would not be able to have a say in anything the government does.

Protecting unalienable rights

The government is in charge of protecting our unalienable rights. They are the ones who insure our rights and prevent tyranny or the elimination of our rights

These rights outdated?

I think that these rights are not outdated to a point. I think that it has changed in the way that if you commit a crime you are not treated as a normal citizen but overall they are not outdated.

Do these principles matter to me?

They do matter to me because i feel that all men should have rights that cannot be taken away from them and that all should be fair. I do not however think that you should keep these rights if you are a convicted criminal or felon.

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