Absolute Brightness

Miss. Berrisford

April 22, 2014   Social Issues:

I believe the main social status in this book would be bullying.

one of the issues that involve bullying from chapter 19 would be when the lawyer accuses Phoebe of her making little jokes of how she would want to smother him. “Is it true that prior to Leonard’s murder you actually had a plan to smoother him with a pillow?” (Pg. 393) as if she could really kill him, but by keeping the situation calm, she answered “I didn’t mean it, I cried. It was like a joke.” (Pg. 394)

My personal response to this issue would be that its fair. Because the lawyer is doing her job trying to figure out who murdered Leonard. Accusing people to try to get to the bottom of the case. I personally have never been in a situation like this, but have learned a little of how I may approach an answer in court.

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