Learning to Teach:
Day 4 Stations (Day 2)

This day was the second day of the stations. Today I introduced the fourth station, which students were to make a Hakiu Deck presentation about a specific field of psychology (ex: clinical psychologists, forensic psychologists, etc...). When I introduced this station to the student, in ever class I go the looks that read "Are you crazy?! You're asking us to do more work?" Once I explained further most students seemed to be settling down. I showed them what a Haiku Deck looked like using the front projector.

The goal of a Haiku Deck is that it gets the students to not put so much information on the slides, and help them to learn to present orally, or so I hoped. When I told the students that they were to finish and present the presentations the next day, I felt that might have pegged me as the harsh teacher. But one of the goals of teaching is to challenge your student to do better. However, I felt I probably should have given more time in class about how to use the program.

For those who had questions they asked me about it, and many students seemed to be alright with using the program. The end of the lesson consisted of whatever the students couldn't finish in class, it was due for homework the next day.

The one thing I would change from this day was to really go over how Haiku Deck works. While the assumption is that most students are technologically savvy, in reality that might not be the case for all.

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