Charles Mitchell of Lake Charles: Choosing the Right Profession

Charles Mitchell of Lake Charles hadn’t always known that he wanted to or would enter the pharmaceutical field, though he did know, from a very early age, that he wanted to make a lasting, positive and genuine difference in people’s lives. Now a valued member of the pharmaceutical community, Mitchell enjoys the opportunity to follow his long-held desire to help people on a daily basis, providing people with much-needed on-site medication therapy management.

Now Charles Mitchell of Lake Charles realizes his dream of being a difference-maker, of providing the consulting, information and services people need to make the best choices when it comes to medication, and to pursue a better and more manageable state of health. He wakes up every morning knowing that he did, indeed, choose the right profession; one that not only provides a significant sense of personal and professional gratification, but that also serves the needs of others, helping people live longer and more pain-free lives.

Charles Mitchell of Lake Charles looks back on a 20-year career in the pharmacy field with pride, noting the many people, clients, patients and more he had the opportunity to be of service to as well as the many lives he helped make just a little better. He continues to help his clients with the same level of passion, compassion and enthusiasm that he had when first entering the field, and looks forward to each new day, and each new opportunity, to be the person his clients can count on for an enriching and fulfilling experience.

Charles Mitchell of Lake Charles - Devoted to Personalized Health Care

Charles Mitchell of Lake Charles is a deeply dedicated pharmaceutical professional who cares about helping his patients in any way that he can. Instead of working for a large retail drug store or major drug corporation, he provides his pharmaceutical expertise on a much more personalized level. He is currently working as a medication therapy manager who is able to provide his services directly to the patient’s private residence. He is often hired by individuals so that a patient may better understand the drugs they are ingesting, the treatment plan they are currently undergoing, and a better, more in depth treatment analysis so that they may better track their overall health. This was the exact opportunity that Charles Mitchell was hoping to receive when he was undergoing his educational training in pharmacy school. Not only is he able to provide patients with the medication and information they need to quell their ailments, but he is also able to do it on a personalized level that is infinitely more useful to a patient than the information they would receive over the counter from a retail pharmacist. Though he has worked as a retail pharmacist for a major drug store, he acknowledges that most of the work that that job requires involves cataloguing vast amounts of patient and insurance information that serves very little purpose in the overall health of the people requiring medical attention.

Charles Mitchell of Lake Charles is dedicated to helping his patients in any way possible. As a medication therapy manager, he is able to provide his knowledge, skills, and expertise on a personal level that a patient could not get anywhere else. Instead of having to deal with over the counter pharmacists, a patient can hire a medication therapy manager to provide them with the prescribed drugs they need directly to their private residence. Anywhere prescribed drugs can be taken is where a medication therapy manager can conduct his services. Charles Mitchell of Lake Charles can provide medication in private residences, nursing homes, and various other locations. He is able to provide medication safety surveillance, disease management coaching and support, anticoagulation management, and much more.

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