the homeland

Over my All Saints break, I had the awesome privilege to travel to the land of my ancestors. Traveling with my parents to the home of my Dad's cousin was simply a rejoice. My excitement grew more and more as we traveled through the windy mountainsides of Austria into Slovenia. I finally knew what it felt to be "treated like a king" once I stepped into their home. As my relatives have visited us on many occasions in The States, it was just amazing that I finally could experience the life I have been so curious to see since a boy. It also doesn't hurt that the homemade feasts brought me back to those Sundays at Grandma K's. Aside from the awesome hospitality and food, my relatives were so kind enough to be our tour guides to visit multiple longtime family friends and through Slovenia's awesome natural landscapes. It was an awesome escape from the norm of the city travels I had already done. From hiking up the "steep" Mt. Slivniça, walking around beautiful Lake Bled, to becoming cave dwellers, Slovenia truly was mother to all natures.

Next time, it'll be the whole family! Summer '16...