By:Reed Derdich

Facts:                                                                                                                             The population of Paraguay is 6.802 million, and their two national languages are spanish and Indo European. Paraguay's capital city is Asunción, and their currency is Paraguayan guranaí. Their two surrounding countries are France and India.  

One of the three famous places I will be naming is Asunciòn, Paraguay's capitol. Asunciòn is known for it being the capitol but it also has been known for its first class hotels, shopping malls, and 5 star restraunts. You can also go toEstadio Defensores del Chaco which is a multi- purpose stadum like our Sprint Center it is most known for its great Futbol games. And if you like nature you can go to Saltos del Monday; a beautiful non man-made waterfall arrangement. It is the main attracton in Municiple park Monday.

Expressions: Na means please, and Aijue lete is used to emphasize a strong exclamation. And last, Ani Kena means please dont do that.

Foods: Bori Bori is very common, it is basically mexican chicken n’ noodles. Chipa Guasu is a popular cake in Paraguay, it is mostly for birthdays, weddings, and holidays. And the best, BEEF, beef is very popular especally when made into different flavors and kinds.

Climate and Geography: The climate there is mostly sunny and tropical, and the geography is mostly jungle like.