Middle Ages Timeline

by Hugh J.

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You will select 5 timeline entries from your notebook. These entries should be ones that are historically important, or at least very interesting. The steps for each entry are:

1. Type in your event (don't forget the date).

2. Research and provide two interesting facts related to your event.

3. Insert an image related to your event.

4. In at least one, well-written sentence explain why this event was an important event in  human history.

5. When finished, you click the blue "Share Your Tackk" button. This will provide a link that you can then copy/paste to Edmodo.

The project is worth 25 points. It should be posted to Edmodo by the beginning of class on Monday, Feb. 4th.

Here's an example

750 - The first great English epic poem, Beowulf, is written in Old English. The work is anonymous and untitled until 1805. It is a Christian poem that exemplifies early medieval society in England and shows
roots in Old Testament Law.

Other interesting facts about Beowulf include:

Historians think Beowulf was probably created by a scop, a professional Anglo-Saxon poet.

The story told in Beowulf probably occurred around 500 A.D. and can be directly related to real historical figures.

This is an important event in our history because it is an authentic written story from that time period. We can lean a lot about the values/culture of that time period from this poem.