The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade By: Sophie Hemsley

The Macy's thanksgiving day parade is a parade to celabrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. The parade takes place in New York City, At the parade there is giant ballons made of rubber and they are created by Tony Sarg. The giant balloons are made of helioum so they can float up in the sky and people can see them from far away . Also the balloons are made to look ike lots of different charecters and they are really cool. at the thanksgiving day parade they have perfomers, floats , and charecters from movies and TV shows.


At the Macy's thanksgiving day parade there are many people that go there every year about 4 million people that watch the parade in person and 40 million people watch it on TV.

Tony Sarg

When tony Sarg was born in 1880 when he was a kid he liked to play with marrionettes. After a while they stopped selling marrionettes for kids . So tony decided to make puppets, After a while the biggest store on earth H.R. Macy's heard about his puppets and asked him to make a puppet parade. Then Tony made new puppets and used gears and pullies to make them move. Then he noticed that only the people in the front row could see the puppets and then he made giant helioum balloons that looked like carecters and people made of rubber so everyone can see them. Now the parade is known as the Thanksgiving day parade T.ony Sarg died in 1942 when he was 62 years old.