Airports Take Action
By: Maria

Because of the severe Ebola outbreak, many airports have begun to scan people for any traces of Ebola. Ebola is a very fatal disease that includes a very high fever, stomach pains, and shuts the immune system down.  This severe disease spreads through bodily fluids, which is a problem, especially when traveling. The disease spreads more quickly when people are cooped up in one room, which is why the disease has spread through people traveling from country to country. To prevent the disease from traveling further into the States, airports scan each person, arriving or departing, with a temperature gun to find each passenger's temperature. They also may ask each person what earlier activities the passengers had done. This new plan will help our country and other countries to become safer from the deadly disease of Ebola.


First image: A plane loading with passengers

These links to helpful sites will help you understand more about what is going on in the world of Ebola.

Airports all over the U.S.A. are scanning passengers for traces of Ebola.

This news broadcast reports about the new screening procedures at the airports and what affect it will do to help our country and other countries to stay safe from Ebola.

These simple Wikipedia websites will clear up any other questions about this new procedure at our airports.