How  Radiation   is   Used in Forensics
By: Ani Marenova


Scientists have the ability to produce certain images by using x-radiation, the use of x-rays in in Forensics has tested , helped and even solved crime and murder scenarios.

What is Forensic Radiology?

Forensic radiology is the science of using X-rays and other different technology to investigate solve  and gather  different data and evidence for use in a court of law, in civil and criminal cases, Serial Killers and ect. This science has a long history and there are a number of different uses for forensic radiological techniques. The job of a forensic radiologist can be challenging and sometimes stressful, but also rewarding when victims are helped and mysteries are solved.

The uses of Forensic Radiology

Forensic radiology can be conducted and used for many different purposes that include investigating suspicious crimes and deaths, murders and ect. ~and the X-rays that are taken can reveal the cause of death of that person and it can also detect that the person died a really suspicious death. Body identification is when different records and DNA analysis, radiological images can be used to identify unknown victims.

This image depicts how the scientist or researcher is using the DNA that was left from a crime scence to detect who the suspect really is.

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