The mystery about mercury

The Atmosphere

This is the most amazing thing you will ever read!

Temperatures on Mercury`s surface can reach 430 degrees celsius to survive in this weather you would need a thick spacesuit. Nighttime temperatures on the surface can drop to -180 degrees Celsius. Because the planet has no atmosphere to retain the heat you will also need weights to keep you on the planet. One Mercury solar day equals 175.97 earth days. Instead of an atmosphere Mercury possesses a thin exosphere. Mercury has intense magnetic tornadoes that tunnel the hot solar wind plasma down to the surface. Almost the entire planet has now been imaged, revealing a surface that has been shaped both by extensive volcanism and impacts. Measurements indicating that Mercury has remarkably high abundance of the volatile elements sulfur and potassium. Earth using radar observations showed that Mercury may have water ice at its north and south poles inside deep craters. Consistent with the idea that they are cold enough to preserve water ice. The magnetic tornadoes show that you can use a compass to find your way to the water ice. You will also need to bring food and a oxygen tank so you can breath and eat.

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