By Keely Daniels

Religious Separation

For or Against

ROME-In Rome today, the Romans were seen worshiping their multiple gods by praying to them. Romans were praying in groups as not to confuse people about whether they  were Jewish or whether they were Christian, which is a huge, and sensitive issue at this time. Julius, an 87 year old Christian stated "I had mixed feelings about this separation, at first I thought that this was a splendid idea to not confuse the religious groups, but then I felt that we weren't allowed to talk about any religious beliefs with anyone outside of our groups." Roman Religion and Greek Religion are very similar.  Both Romans and Greeks believe in many different gods. One god might be in charge of the ocean, causing waves to form. Another might be in charge of storms, causing rain to fall, lightning to flash, and thunder to rumble. The chief of the gods was Jupiter. Jupiter was one of the gods who was related to Zeus. Zeus and Jupiter were very much alike. When they were angered ,both throw lightning bolts.

Will Bad Diet End Empire

     As Augusta, a 93 year old man  said, " Nutrition in  Rome is not well understood." The Romans are not educated about a well-balanced diet. They eat whatever food is available at the time. They find it very difficult to locate fresh food. In these current cold conditions of winter, fresh vegetables, meats, and fruits are scarce, and not safe for human consumption. Most of their food rots before they can eat it.  When they do find their food, Romans enjoy eating off of dishes made of  pottery.  They always enjoy drinking their wine from small fine pottery, or silver cups.  Wine is their beverage of choice, Romans drink wine as if it were water.

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