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Hawaii, Honolulu

Brianna Mosley


Welcome to Hawaii, the Aloha state. Hawaii is comprised of a chain of 132 islands. We usually think of the eight main islands when we think of Hawaii. This is not surprising as the other 124 islands only total about 3 square miles in land area.Hawaii is home of the world's most active volcano, the crater of Kilauea on Mauna Loa. Sandy beaches,

towering volcanoes, and lush valleys lure thousands of tourists each year to this tropical paradise.

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Year Found- April 30,1907

Langitude-21.300 N

Latitude-157.8167 W

Population-374,658 (2009)

Area-68.42 sq miles (177.2 Km2)

Time Zone- UTC 10:00

Mayor's Name-Honolulu

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