Me and #SpringBreak
Genevieve L

I love seeing new places, such as big cities like Seattle, which I happened to go to over spring break with my family! There were so many places you could go in Seattle where there are really great views, like up at the top of the Space Needle, or from the big ferris wheel on the pier; especially at night when everything is lit up and picture perfect.Since the zoo was there, and animals are just the best thing ever, we decided to go and visit. I think my favorite animals were the penguins, and they were definitely used to it considering how well they posed for pictures.

This is one of the penguins we saw and I thought it was a cool shot and he's pretty adorable too.

The trip back seemed long, even though I love road trips, there's just not a whole lot of scenery for quite a while. Naps are good too, though, so it really wasn't that much of a problem.

Basically in my free time I'm hanging out with my friends or I'm with my family. I'm the oldest of three, my brother Michael and my sister Isabella, we don't always get along that well, though.

Me and fam at the zoo

So these are my best friends, they're pretty great if I say so myself.
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