Media's Effect on Beauty

Size 2 is the only ok size

The fact that they would choose a child to create this ad is very offensive. This child, even though she may have gotten paid, could possibly struggle from self esteem issues. It makes you wonder exactly who are behind the scenes promoting this child as fat. "It's hard to  be a little girl if you're not", is extremely rude and actually uncalled for. There are a lot of ways you can explain this issue without exploiting big children. I think any obesity ad that uses people is wrong, yeah it is emotional but there are at least 50% people that would think this is wrong on so many levels. I think we all have an inner beauty no matter our size and how we address the outside of our body should be how we do it and not because the media says we should do it one way. I love my body, and the media can't tell me I am not beautiful because I am not the preferred size.

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