Ian Renner from Connecticut - Famous Painter

Ian Renner from Connecticut has been a set designer in Hollywood film and theatre for many years. His work is loved and he is eagerly sought after for special jobs and projects. With a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Western Toronto, he never thought that this was where he would find himself years later.

Renner has said that in order to be the best at what you do, you must train yourself and practice your craft. For years before he entered Hollywood, his love and passion for art was reflected in his drawings and paintings that, according to him, require no more than a ‘feeling’. His first painting was sold to a friend and from that point he can scarcely keep his basement stocked with enough paintings to meet the demand.

Though a career in art was always Ian Renner Connecticut’s dream, his skill as a painter seems to have been a happy coincidence brought out by his fascination with nature. Many times, an individual’s career as a painter is discovered much in the same way that Renner’s talent for painting was discovered, unintentionally. However what the artist does with his newly discovered talent after that is completely up to him. He may pursue it like so many others have done or delegate it to a hobby that can gain a second source of income.

If you wish to pursue a career as a painter, consider attending a fine arts college to hone your skills and learn new techniques that can give you the opportunity to put yourself above the rest. It will be difficult for you to earn an acceptable income from painting alone and as such you may need to add another job to supplement your lifestyle. Generally only the most talented and well established painters are able to live off their art alone.

Pursuing a career as a painter is difficult, however it can be the most rewarding if it is truly what you want to do. So go after it with passion and drive and don’t give up!

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