Bill of Rights Project

Carrenda Carter

  • The Bill of Rights is the collective name for the for the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution.
  • On September 12, 1787, after the finishing touches of the United States Constitution, George Mason. who was delegate from Virginia, pointed out a serious omission which was the absence of a bill of rights.  Manson felt that the bill of rights would appease the people who were scared of a too-powerful central government.
  • We cannot assume who fought against a bill of rights were reactionary, undemocratic, or anti-America, for some of the fiercest opposition came from the most passionate cilvil libertarians.
  • The Bill of Rights were added to the Constitution to address fears raised by the Anti-Federalists during the approval of the Constitution that the Constitution did not provide protection against abuses of the power by the federal government.

The first amendment means to me that the government can not control what kind of religion the people have or what  they say.

People have the right to carry guns for security

During the quartered act soldiers were allowed to live in people's homes without the permission of the owner they would eat their food and use all their stuff this amendment simply means that in time of a war a solider may not say in a person's home without their permission

The government cannot search through peoples things and no warrants can be issued unless it is supported by oath

This amendment means that a person can not be held for capital unless the have an lawyer or they are in front of a grand jury they only time they can is if an person is in danger

The government can not takes someone's land without giving them money or without their permission

When a person in convicted with a crime they shall have a fast trial and the trail has to be in the state that the crime was convected in and the witness has to in front of the criminal

You can not go back to a trail unless it is according to the rules of common law

A person should not have excessive bail that does not go with the crime nor a unusual punishment

All the rights people have

This amendment means the state also have their own rights

The most important amendment to me is the first one that talks about how soldiers can not go into your house while in a war without permission.  I like this law because even the soldiers are fighting for the us the Americans they do not have the right to come into our homes and take advantage.  To me it seems that like what they are basically doing if they come into someones home because they are eating all of their and making bills go up.  Soldiers are very good to America so if a person volunteers I can see why.  I'm really glad that they put this into an amendment because I really do not want a person I do not know in my house without my permission.

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