James Naismith

James Naismith was my fakebook character I did. The main idea of the fakebook website is for you to have a better understanding of mastery. I know this because the teacher wanted the class to research their person and study hard. I learned a number of facts about James Naismith, otherwise known as, the inventor of basketball. For example, James Naismith was born in Canada, 1861. James Naismith's wife was, Maude E. Sherman. Together they both had 5 children. Their children's names were, Margaret, Helen, John, Carolyn and Jack. James Naismith first started out with basketball by having a basket and a ball. Pretty forward am I right? You just try to put the ball in the basket. Eventually the sport came very far and now we have these things called basketball goals. Basketball goals are just like baskets but they are ten feet in the air and the bottom of the basket is cut out so the ball can go threw a net. Then this league called the NBA started. The NBA was a league for basketball players that were really good at the sport. They would play at a highly competitive level. Which made them better at the sport. The goal of the entire NBA league is to win the championship otherwise known as the NBA Finals. And what the dream for most of the NBA players was to win the MVP. Basketball is America's third most watched sport, next to football and baseball, basketball is one of America's greatest past times.

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