Benjamin Franklin

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
Made by: JS

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706, in Boston. He passed away on April 17, 1790.

Significant Events in History that Affected Benjamin Franklin's Life

  • 1752 his kite experiment was put to the test
  • Through 1783-84 he created bifocals for glasses
  • 1787 he signed the United States constitution

Ben's Childhood

Benjamin Franklin was a very smart boy. At the time his parents couldn't afford him to go to school. When he was 10 Ben was working as his father's apprentice in his candle and soap shop. When he turned 12, Ben became his brothers apprentice but ended up running away because his brother was jealous of Ben's popularity.

People who influenced Ben's life

  • Josiah Franklin was Benjamin's father and made sure he was able to go to school.
  • Abiah Franklin was Benjamin;s mother and was very supportive with her son's decisions.
  • James Franklin was Ben's older brother who hired him as his apprentice when Ben was 12. James also got very jealous of Ben because he was getting all of the attention at his printing shop.

Unique Facts...

  • Benjamin has been smart ever since he was little
  • He was a self starter
  • Secretly wrote "comics" for his brothers newspaper
  • Whatever he did he had to go back and re-do it until it was perfect


  1. Created the first stove called the 'Franklin Stove'
  2. Created a newspaper
  3. Created bifocals for glasses
  4. Used a kite and a key to extract electricity form the lightning
  5. When he was younger created a paddle to help you swim faster

The theme of Benjamin's Life

The theme of Benjamin Franklin's life was to put others before himself. Ben was always thinking about others, when he and his brother were in an argument he still gave him gifts after he became famous and gained more money.

Ben's words of advice and what he tought me

  1. "Ben wrote his first almanac in 1732 when he was just 26 years old."
  2. "He started the first public library, the first fire company, the first paved streets, and dozens of other things-all of them to help people live better."
  3. Mr.Franklin was a real scientist. he tried out something that no man in the world had ever dared do. He had though of a way to discover what lightning was."

Benjamin franklin taught me that at any age you can complete whatever you set your mind to as well as putting others before yourself. Even if you think "I cant do it" or "I give up" you can do it. Ben showed me as long as I try and  I keep practicing or make it better I will accomplish what I am reaching for.

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