Sleeter Solutions 14 Conference Pics

Cesar's Palace Las Vegas, November 9 - 12

The Sleeter Group's "Solutions 14" Conference is the can't miss conference of the year for accountants and small business professionals who want to be directing their efforts to where the world is going.  Here are some pics that have been pulled from the twitterverse..

The man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Doug Sleeter
That's a good question. I have a feeling we're going to find out.
The profession is full of really smart people. We can do better!
Proactive Strategic Advice is how small businesses select an accountant
Improve client experience. Use these tools.
Cloud technology, it's happening. It's not the way of the future, is the way NOW!
The new business model for accounting practices.
Focus on a few things and become a specialist
If you're going to specialize, these are the top industries.
Many tools available to your CPA practice! (I like the one that's the number Xero!)
Visit the Xero exhibit to get fun scratchers and win awesome prizes!
Career of increasing value.
Where is your learning?
A Xero shout out from Harshman PHillips @hpccpa
Getting ready for the winner...ahh..the suspense
The voting committee.
Winner #2
Awesome app #3!
Cool selfie Jamie Sutherland, Doug Sleeter and the audience.
Susan Slovic opens keynote about entrepreneurial success story Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (yes, please!)
@KeepAccounting picks up on the conference's theme of "zero data entry"
Susan Solovic was well received by the Twitter community
@chucphi says booth 502, @Xero resembles an Apple Store with great design
New quote of the day "people shouldn't do what computers can."
Great shot of team @Xero "here to help!"
8 ecosystem partners and lots of great info! Xero helps lead the way.
Winna winna chicken dinna!!
Founder of @eBillity talking about how their time tracking software integrates with Xero.
Head of @expensify Biz Dev, Daniel Vidal on stage at @Xero's session for small business solutions.
8 Steps to implementing value pricing
@BodeTree 's @Chris_Meyers_ showing how awesome the app is.
@MethodCRM sharing enthusiasm for a paperless office.
@GoClio talking about law firm solutions
"The Three Jamies" All Canadian. All Cloud. All good.
$100 Xero Scratcher winner, @LaurieONeil. (she's the one in the middle) Congrats!
@Wayne_Schmidt hanging out at the @Xero trade booth. (Also styling his hair using the reflection from his shoes)
Another Awesome App award goes out to BQE Software. Congrats!
@ZenPayroll accepts an "Awesome" Sleeter Award.
Jamie Sutherland takes the stage for his keynote
Where we are (proper grammar included)
30-50 ratios expected on release
New source of growth for accounting practice
The riches is in the niches!
Announcing Xerocon 2015!
Socrates would embrace the cloud
Holy cow, our profession needs to get with the program!

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