Problems with Zoos

Define: Zoos need to stop torturing the animals read discover to find out more.

Discover: Some zoos are killing animals and feeding them to other animals AND IN FRONT OF KIDS AND ADULTS!!! They are not feeding the animals enough food and not giving the animals enough water too drink.

Dream: In my dream world I wish that the animals had unlimited food, water and would not be able to get sick!!! And they would be invincible. Zoos would not be able to sell the animals.

Design: This is how I would solve the problems. I would talk to zoo mangers and ask them if they feed their animals daily and gave them enough food and water. I would also ask them if they sell the animals. Or kill any animals.

Conclusion: Zoos need to stop torturing the animals we want people to enjoy the zoo, not be grossed out right? We want the zoos to be clean. This could affect all the animals because if they are in zoos then the zoos might torture the animals then go out and then get more animals then do it again.  

Not Feeding him well!!!
Feeding him well, this is a good example!!!

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