Cell Organelles

I am relating the cells to the School System

The cell wall is like the school board because they keep the school system together

chloroplast is like the cafeteria ladies because they make the food

the vacuole is like the principle for the large plant cells and then the students are the small animal cells

Golgi Bodies are like the office ladies because the like send off stuff and ship things off.

ribosome are like the prinicals because they make and come up with the ideas

ER is also like ta principal because they have to run everything and do whats best for the teachers and students

Mitochandria is like the teachers because they break down things for us and helps us understand things.

nuclear membrane is like seperating the students from the teachers because we have to follow the rules and stuff

nuclear is like the principal because he directs the activity of the school and makes sure we are in order

Cytoplasm is like the teacher because the teach us what we need to know and thats like the cytoplasm because the nutrients

cell membrane is like the school board because they make big decisions and they decide who can and cant do things.