Career Exploration & Development

Week of March 26, 2015

Susan Lyon Visting Campus!

Susan Lyon is the managing director of LYON, an award-winning advertising, design, and film production firm in San Diego, California. LYON's clients range from unknown startups to Fortune 500 companies. On Friday, March 27th from 2 to 4PM, Susan Lyon will be holding office hours in Burton Morgan 306. Susan will be available to speak with students regarding resume development, how informational interviews can help you know what you want to do, how to market yourself in an internship interview, and what you can do while at Denison to prepare yourself for the post-graduate life.

Student Open House!

6 Ways Social Media Can Derail Your Career

Ask a Fellow:
Bringing Your Resume to the Interview

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This week's question: "Should I bring anything with me to my interview?"

Answer: It is always a good idea to bring along extra copies of your resume to provide for your interviewer. The individual interviewing you may not have had time to print out your resume, so having one on hand will make you appear organized and prepared. Having an extra copy for personal reference can also be of use during an interview. Consider writing down key words or phrases next to your experiences to help jog your memory of key skills you want to highlight.

Bizarre Interview Questions Asked by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Other Companies

Resume Infographic:
Enhancing the Aesthetic Appearance

Here's a great infographic to help you in constructing the aesthetic appearance of your resume. The graphic outlines how to use the right fonts, bolding, and italicization of your words to help any reader of resume navigate the page more easily! Remember that you can drop by CE&D's open hours for resume review, M-F 2-4 pm  and on Wednesdays until 6 pm.