All About Me

Isabella Monfort

     Hi, my name is Isabella Monfort and I personally think that pink pastel flowers are the best. This is not the only thing I love, I love to cook, dance, sing and hang out with my friends and of course decorate. In this page you are going to learn all the things about me and very useful tips.

Facts about Me

    My name is Isabella Monfort and i'm going to write about myself in this page. All the things I love are around me. An example is my friends and family. Something that I love to do with my friends is cook and watch movies. My favorite movie is If I Stay which I'm reading the novel right now. I also love to listen to music with my friends in school. I go to SCCS and my favorite subjects are P.E, tech, and math. I have good grades, but I don't like to come to school.  Still i'm very grateful that i am in this school.

      Another thing that I love after my friends is my family.  My family is very special to me. I live with my mom, dad, and my older sister. They are all to me because they love me and help me at all times. My cousins and uncles are very important, too. We all get together in my grandma's house on Sundays  and have a very nice lunch time sharing together. 

My hobbies are to ride bike and swim. I love to ride bikes in my neighborhood with my friends. I also love to swim in my house and in Aquafit which I go 2 days a week. Another hobby is baking. I love to bake and then sell them. I only like to bake not cook. This things I love to do them with my family and friends.  

Things I Love

One of the things I love is baking. I love to bake cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. I love to do this things because of my grandma. She influenced me to bake and after what she told me, I loved cooking. Most of the times I make vanilla cupcakes with caramel inside, which are my favorite. Some of the cookies I love are chocolate chips cookies which I think are simple but at the same time delicious. My favorite cook is Martha Stewart.

      My dream as a baker is to be like Martha Stewart. As I said before she is my favorite cook and I want to teach people how to cook and share the love for food. I adore her shows and her recipes.  If you want to know her recipes you should go to her website which is There I find my favorite recipes and crafts.  One of my favorite recipes from her are the vanilla cupcakes. I wish she could make some Nutella recipes!

Last but not least I wanted to talk about Nutella. Nutella is my favorite food of all times. My favorite thing about it is when I put it in my mouth I feel its creaminess , sweetness, and the delicious taste of hazelnut.  I love to eat Nutella with white bread and Nutella with cupcakes. I tried Nutella when my cousin from Spain came to visit and brought some. From that day on I loved Nutella and I can't live without it.

Thanks for accesasing my website!

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