Freshmen Seminar

Freshmen Seminar is a unique class that is designed to prepare incoming freshmen for high school. Any oblivious freshman, after this class, will have some insight on what high school is like.

What I learned in Freshmen Seminar is...

a.) Get Connected: In this unit, I learned some of the basics in high school life, including information about my school and graduation requirements. In addition, I learned to be aware of what I am doing in high school and to take full advantage of its benefits.

b.) Study Skills: In this unit, I learned how to manage my time between studying, schoolwork, and free time. I also learned new ways to take notes, the effect of sleep deprivation on the mind, and the way I like to learn, visually.

c.) Digital Literacy: In this unit, I learned how to better utilize the Google search engine to give more accurate results. I learned how to evaluate the legitimacy of websites, how to identify if an image is copyright, creative commons, or public domain, what each of those means, and how to legally cite each one.

d.) Careers: In this unit, I got an idea of what career path I should take, one of medicine, based on my needs, wants, and interests through quizzes and a commencement speech by Steve Jobs to Stanford University.

Why take Freshmen Seminar? Benefits?

Students should take Freshmen Seminar because it is the one class of all that is designed to prepare freshmen for high school. Otherwise, it could take months or even years to finally realize how to deal with high school. The class teaches freshmen how to study and deal with stress. It gives, in full, the newcomer a full idea of what to expect from high school.

What I liked about Freshmen Seminar

I liked that the class gives freshmen the opportunity to be comfortable in their environment. With this class, freshmen will be far less intimidated by what seems to be the biggest obstacle of their lives, when in reality, it is merely another stepping stone on the path to success.

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