End of year Project

Persuasive Essay

The world today needs plenty of good people to make the world seem like its a better place. Reason why I say this is because good people can make a difference to the world, and can become very helpful to other people in many parts of the world. When there are bad people in the world many of most people can feel uncomfortable at times. I think having good people in the world can make a difference/change to our world.

Many good people in our world today can make a difference /change the way things are based off what they do and how they are helpful to people. Good people go across the world just to help others in need. For example, people donate money and some people fly from one place to another to feed the people in need. A lot of good people can be nice and kind to anyone, and would earn each others respect. People today do the most nicest and the most generous things to help our world today.

How can our world become a better place anyway? I ask this question because we really don't know what kind of good can be brought to our world from these good people, even though they can be kind and nice to others. In fact, there are many homeless shelters filled with good people who volunteer and become helpful. Despite the fact that there are many people who don't care by not becoming helpful to others in need, and also based on how they treat people, they wont be treated with as much respect as others.

Why even think the need of having good people in our world would make a difference or make a change? For instance, North Korea is ruled by someone who will never let anybody make a difference or change to their country. Not all good people can make a change or difference to our world the way it is. Also, many places with good people in the world can't change the bad to good. As you realize not all good people can do much good for the world, even if the world would be in need of good people.

I honestly think that the world really does need good people in most parts of the world to make a difference. There are good people who can change the bad of others and the bad in the world. People should be kind and nice to one another to earn plenty of respect. With all of the good people need in our world it will become a healthier place and a good influence to others in the future.


  • Name:
  • Akaya Goodwill
  • Phone number:
  • 240-336-8290
  • 3021 Mill Road
  • Akaya19@yahoo.com
  • www.goodwill.com
  • Objectives:
  • My goal is to Become manager at apple store
  • Education:
  • Pebble Hills High School (2014-2018), Sunridge Middle School (2011-2014), Vilseck Elementary School (2004-2010)
  • Experience:
  • January 24, 2015-April 30, 2016
  • Apple Store, Celo Vista Mall
  • Help customers with apple products.
  • Skills:
  • Good with computers, phones, and tablet

Letter Of Intent

Hoyte, Kecia, Akaya\

3129 hoven mick \

el paso, TX 79938

May 25, 2015

Allison Witherspoon- Manager

Apple store

Cello vista Mall

El Paso, TX 79938

Dear Allison Witherspoon,

Hi, My name is Kecia. I am writing this to apply to for an opening at your job. I feel as if, when you hire me i will make a great impression on the customers and yourself. I am very good with computers and have great technology skills. I am very proud of the skills i have with computers and technology. I am impressed with your new software and i am very proud that people are really happy with it.

In my young years, I was just a regular 9 year old and had to earn what i asked for. It was Christmas break and kept begging for the ipod touch (4th generation), then the night before Christmas I was on the computer and we had to open 1 gift, when i opened my gift i got the ipod touch (4th generation). I was just more than excited when i opened my gift. So, since then I was so into apple products i kept up to date with the software and newest products. My high school years, I have been taking my computer programming classes really serious and still am.

I hope i am the most qualified for this job. Thank you.


Kecia Hoyte

Letter of Recommendation

Dear Hollister,

This letter is to no more about a young man by the name of Keysean James who has impressed me over the years. I am Science teacher and Keysean is always the student in my 6th period class with the best grades and is very well as much academically smart. Keysean is a very athletic person he has played basketball, ran track, and has played baseball. Keysean is a very hard working person, he always turned in his work on time. Keyseanis very respectfull and is very nice and kind. Keysean has a good group of friends and they like to donate to the homeless shelter and they even have study groups so that they can be ready for finals and the state test. Keysean is the most nicest and most kind person I know.

Keysean can bring many customers. I say this because Keysean is the most popular kid in the school and know many people who like Hollister. He is the most organized, and always thought of becoming a Hollister model, so when I heard he was in theater I talked to the theater teacher and the teacher told me has always been practicing what it would be like to become a Hollister model. Keysean would be most qualified for this job because he has been practicing for this job for the longest time until now. I honestly think that Keysean should have this job opening.

Keysean has many skills when it comes to modeling. He has the perfect posture and the runway walk, he also works out on his abs so he can have the right modeling body. Keysean is the most prepared for this job, he has look t the recommendations and has everything in place so he doesn't mess anything up. He has worked really hard for this one position.

The reason why i am recommending him for this job is so that he can complete his career goal in life which is to model. He has good skills when it comes to the runway and clothes. I think he would become a great and much more improved model for Hollister.

His Contact Info is: (915-289-3450). His Email is KeyJames@yahoo.com. Hiring Keysean will make his career dreams come true. Making those dreams come true can bring him happiness and much proud joy.


     Kecia Hoyte

Job Application