In this season of holiday people will use their time spending with their loves and family because it's one of the season that all of the people that live far and come back home to hang out with their family or the one they loves.

When life goes bad and life getting hard or sad. Think about this season because is one of the season that makes people comes together and spend their time. Stay strong even you feel down because you still have other people that will cheer  you up, or go out and see the world that full with beautiful bright lights on the road, like a glowing city.

I am grateful for -

1. My crazy friends because without them my life wouldn't be this fun.

2. A awesome family Who will always be there when I'm need it.

3. Internet because I get to play game, watch movie and etc.

4. Education without that I wouldn't get my freedom.

5. Foods because it makes me feel I'm alive.

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3 years ago

Happy New Year, Youa!