Lucas Jack Meredith

Week 12  & 13

Hi All

Been a couple of weeks since our last update so here goes.

Lucas is still growing....the little fella now weighs 5 kgs!

LJ has gone up one size in nappies and the clinic nurses are happy for monthly weights rather than fortnightly.

LJ is definitely taking in more of what goes on around him, he reached out for a toy yesterday and surprised himself when he actually grabbed hold of it.

LJ is becoming quite vocal....'chatty' fact...god knows what he is saying, but it is very important to him and he becomes louder if you turn away or ignore him.

LJ can lift his head up while on his stomach and has a little look around before 'nose diving' into his play mat.

Christmas has come early in the form of a hand me down car seat from one of our friends...this one I can bolt into the Defender in preparation for Extreme Offroading....don't tell Dan.

I upgraded (actually just bough another) BBQ (above) going 'old school' and back to basics with heat beads to get that real smokey flavour. We did some Blue Swimmer Crabs last week and they were excellent.

Dan also bought an extendable table and chairs off eBay this week in preparation for Christmas at our house. This one seats 8...I am sure we can 'squash' all the family around the table on the day.

Cheers for now.


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