capital santiago

major language spanish

location:south america

chiles population is 17 million


The major landforms of chile are andes mountains,volcanoes,central valley,and atacama desert.

The major landmarks of chile are torres del paine national park rapa nui,magellan straits.

The major bodies of water in chile are general carrera lake,

O`higgins lake,and ranco lake.



Average rainfall is 1522.The average temperature in chile is in the 80`s.

Chile is a popular South American country to visit thanks to its year-round mild or warm weather and attractions like its volcanic caves, surfing opportunities and mountain hiking trails. While the weather can get chilly in Chile during the middle of the year, temperatures do not typically drop below freezing.

The average low temperature in Chile in July is 37 degrees

Chile have average high temperatures of greater than 80 degrees F. The warmest month of the year is January, which features an average high temperature of 86 degrees. Te

mperatures in the past have shown a downward trend for most of the Chilean population, climate models suggest that they will increase in the future, and that there will be a reduction in precipitation in the central part of Chile.


Chilean music refers to all kinds of music developed in Chile, or by Chileans in other countries, from the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors to the modern day. It also includes the native pre-Columbian music from what is today Chilean territory.Traditional Chilean clothing is very vivid, lively, and festive. It is also based a lot around comfort because most of the population in Chile work in jobs that use manual labor and modern fashion also has a lot of influence from traditional Chilean clothing because it is very patriotic, showing pictures that represent the country, it is very bright, and rare.One of the highlights of Chilean Cuisine is its diversity of Seafood.Vina del Mar Music Festival,Carnaval Andino Con la Fuerza del Sol,and Fiestas Patrias are the top holidays in chile.Amerindian is the major ethnic group.Soccer is the most popular sport in chile and tennis is the most successful in chile.Chilean society regards marriage as a rite of passage. Chileans believe that a wedding is not complete without a church ceremony.Traditional gender roles in Chilean society are breaking down as women gain more access to education. In addition, more women are entering the workforce.

Interesting facts

The original Chilean flag, hoisted for the first time amongst the determined fight for independence from the Spanish empire, looked nothing like today’s version, which federal law requires Chileans to wave on all homes and businesses on certain yearly holidays.Some animals in chile are lizards, chinchilla, and guanaco, etc...The mode of transportation in chile is on the road.Chile and Argentina were close allies during the wars of independence against Spain.Chiles favorite trading partner is china.There are case of animal rabies in the country.

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