Learning to Teach
Day 30: Test Day 2

The main part of the day was not just the test, but the structuring of the time after the test. It was know that today was a two hour delay schedule, meaning that I did not have as much time in two out of the three classes I have. I still had activities for the students to do once they were done with the test, however. My first class proved that what I had planed was not going to last an actual full period, but they were also the only ones that did have a full period. So I knew I was ok with my other classes.

One thing I had the students doing was fill out an anticipatory guide that had statements about the next topic of study. So it gave the students the hint of what was coming next, as well as see what they knew. However, I said to the students that they were keeping that sheet but I will look for it at a later date. The second thing I had the students do after the test was write me a letter. Now this letter was not just to keep them busy, but to really gage my class honestly(many were honest) about what they liked, did not like, and what they were taking away. I really plan to put those letters to use and adjust more of what I am planing to what we will be doing in class more.

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