May 18th,1862,my name is Chris O'Hara I'm 24 years old,and my house is near Kingston,New York. I live with my  wife Kelsey. I'm hoping the Union can win. My brother is also serving in the Union,and is stationed at Fort Adams.

May 19th,1862 Entry 1

When the morning came I had to make sure no deserters came and spent the night in the barn. I prepared breakfast for us,and a few Union men who came through. I helped clean guns for the army to make some money. At noon I fed the chickens. Took care of making sure the crops were healthy. I also made sure that if Union soldiers were to come they would have a place to rest up,and get a meal. I checked the chicken coops,and made sure there was no holes any critters could get in.

May 20th,1862

I wrote a letter to my brother after I heard of a battle he may have been in. People call it The Battle of Drewry's Bluff. I was nervous not only in the fact that he may have been there,but also that the Confederacy won.

May 21st,1862

This morning I had to chop wood for the cooking stove. While I was chopping a black bear came out of the woods,and was stalking me. I realized that the black bear could cause problems,and I had to put him down. Had to run into town and get sugar,salt,and more bullets. Late in the evening I finished working on our shed/storage container. Then an idea came to me that what ever kept trying to get to the chickens would eventually make it through. I climbed up the shed,and waited until the critter which was a raccoon came to the chicken coop,well we won't have to worry about him anymore.I decided to go ahead and check the fence to make sure there were no new holes. During this whole time more and more troops had been coming through I helped them any way I could. Mainly by helping men cook. Also by giving out supplies with the quartermaster,and cleaning up some of the guys clothes.

May 22nd,1862

My brother wrote back to me today. He wasn't in the battle I mentioned,but he was in a different battle. A battle called Battle of Princeton Court House. He wrote that he wasn't injured,but morale was down because the Union lost another battle to the Confederates. I was glad that he wasn't injured,but the Union needs to turn the tide on the Confederates.Kelsey feels the same way as I do about it too.

May 23rd 1862

Kelsey brought up the election,and how she thought Lincoln shouldn't be president." Any other candidate except Lincoln,"is what she said. That made me mad Lincoln was a fair and honest man that put the rest of them to shame.

My wife didn't like my response,but she did see my point on the subject. Yet,she couldn't leave it alone."I guarantee that the election was rigged,or the didn't count all the votes,"she chimed.

"If it was rigged wouldn't another party have found out,and if they didn't count all the votes it would just happen to be the ones against Abe Lincoln?"She shook her head and whispered,"ignorant man."She'll be mad for awhile,but eventually one of us will forgive the other. Until then I keep hoping that the Union can somehow win.

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