English Level III class
(Making Friends )

“My Friend”

Reading Comprehension – Short StoriesDirections: Read the story. Then answer the questions below.My name is Julie. I have a friend.My friend lives in California.My friend is a girl.She is seventeen years old.Her name is Jessica Roberts.Jessica is cool. I like her a lot.She likes to read. She is a good reader.She is good at math, too. It is her best subject.Jessica is smart.I like to eat lunch with her. We eat lunch on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.Jessica is my friend.Questions:1) Where does Julie’s friend live?A. ColoradoB. TexasC. California2) Is Julie’


1) Where does Julie’s friend live?

A. Colorado      B. Texas        C. California

2) Is Julie’s friend a girl or a boy?

A. She is a girl.                                          B. He is a boy

.3) How old is Julie’s friend?

A. 15 years old         B. 16 years old           C. 17 years old

4) What is Julie’s friend's first name?

A. Jenny        B. Jessica           C. Julie

5) What is my friend's last name?

A. Rowan         B. Randal           C. Roberts

6) What is Jessica's best subject?

A. English         B. math           C. science

7) How many days a week do I eat lunch with Jessica?

A. 3                                  B. 5                  C.7

Do you have a good friend? What is he or she like? What things do you like to do together?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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This is a wonderful tool, my students enjoy it too much