EAP Journals

Unit 1

1)Preview the unit


  • I use the internet because it is a very useful tool. Through the internet we can search everything. For example, we can do simple things as searching an address or even harder things as learning how to play the guitar. Therefore, the internet has this huge importance nowadays.
  • Yes, I do have social networking, such as: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and so on. I like to post usually on Facebook where I can find most of my friends and I also have an account on Tackk.com. It is a website where we can make blogposts to show and share our ideas and post on it. I like to post some essays and paragraphs which I produce during classes. That’s awesome.
  • As we can see on the picture, there is a meeting going on. Much probably this meeting is part of businesses. So, the question is: what are the effects of the new forms of media in this kind of meetings? In that meeting, for instance, we see a laptop, it would truly help someone to show more clearly an idea through a PowerPoint and increase substantially the power of convincement of the seller of the products to his/her product buyers.
  • B)
  • People write blogs to show and share their thoughts and let their followers (family, friends, or even fans) know what they think about some subject or to show what they do better. In blogs, we can learn many things, for example, how to prepare some desert. It is known that in Japan there are many bloggers due to the fact that, in the past, people in this country used to write diary telling what was going on in their lives so this tradition is related, nowadays, with blogging.
  • 2)What do you think ?

1)Yes, it does. TV, radio and newspaper are changing a lot because the growing advance of blogging in the world. They are changing and also putting ideas from blogs on TV programs and so on. For example, sometimes I see something on television and I think: “ My Gosh, I saw it a long time ago on the internet and they are only plagiarizing the idea from someone who post it on the internet.

2) For me, talking about news, I prefer to read news through the formal and traditional way. That is from the journalists. They know how to tell the facts in sequence, letting it clear for you and making it easier to get what is more important from that situation. Another fact is that they write much better grammatically speaking.

3) Someone has interested in posting on blogs because they have the necessity to show what they think and produce. I do not know if I could blog about events but if I consider the fact that sometimes I post specially on Facebook about daily facts on my community, I think I could do easily if it was necessary to keep everyone informed.

Unit 3

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  • I do many things for fun, I think it is a problem because I really enjoy my free time and sometimes I forget to study and procrastinate so much. For instance, playing on computer, cellphone and videogame, talking to family and friends on Facebook, Whats App and skype, watching videos on YouTube and many other things. In Brazil, I also used to spend a huge time playing the drums. All these entertainment are so different from what my parents and grandparents used to do when they were at my age. For instance, my father used to play soccer, hang out with friends sometimes just to talk and other things that was necessary people around him involved.
  • I think the career that I am in is very fun. It is really serious because I am going to be civil engineer and it takes pressure with precision of calculus and details and also the deadlines. However, if you look it from the way that you will plan and make real wonderful buildings that people you work and live in; you certainly will think that it is so fun.
  • On The photo, we see a juggler probably working, of course, because he is using a sophisticated equipment and microphone and so on. But, if we look his smile, we realize that guy is not simply working, he is really having so much fun so it is the rule for all the kinds of jobs. If a person does do his/her job being happy, such person is only having fun and earning money from that. We can say that the person found the best way to live.
  • B)
  • Work is something you do to earn money and pay your bills and fun is something you do to relax and in many cases forget the stress that you have because of working. However, it is possible to have fun and work at the same time, if you love what you do, you will be very happy and have fun working.
  • 4) What do you think?
  • 1) I really love playing video games and any game whatever if it is on video game, computer, cellphone or other device. However, I try to control myself about playing it too much because I can lose a lot of time on it and disrupt what I really need to do such as: homework, studying for a test and so on.
  • 2) I think that playing video games in competitions as it was cited in the article can be considered a real sport because the players have a routine of training and one very sophisticated preparation for it, as time to train, to think about strategies, to workout etc.
  • 3) If a hobby becomes a professional sport or job, it will still being fun but the way it is done is different. It is taken more seriously but the passion for that activity continues.
  • B)
  • 1. I think the professional competition in video game is work because the players are getting paid for that. However, they still having fun.
  • 2. No, It did not change what I used to think.
  • Unit 5
  • 5)Preview the unit
  • A)
  • I have studied with people from many countries. For example, Chile, Canada, Colombia, China, South Korea, Japan, France, Vietnam, Peru, Nepal, Libya and others. All these people has brought very good experiences. I love talking about geography, politics, history and economy so I think I am in the perfect environment to do all these things.
  • Corruption, social inequality, health issues, deficient public transportation, education, safety, problems on the roads etc. In that case, in my country I think the biggest problem that creates all the others is corruption. It really affects everyone in the Brazilian society. I guess the solution for those problems should be a political reform.
  • In the picture, we see three astronauts. From left to right: an American, a Russian and a French. We know that to study and explore the space is necessary an advanced technology. Thus, these countries can help each other and give what they best do. For example, USA can be good in project the ships and Russia can be good at making it so they can combine their knowledge and achieve the best result.
  • B)
  • Global cooperation is very important. We have seen many cases of global cooperation, especially after wars and natural disasters. Because of that, the countries which are helped can improve their situation much more easily and probably after they get recovered from an economic crisis, for example, they can return the money invested to the countries which helped those countries in need.
  • 6)What do you think?
  • 1. Working on a collaborative global project like Space Station. The language, I mean the different accents could be a problem for the workers. Therefore, all the workers should be more wary to avoid mistakes of communication.
  • 2. Yes, the money spent in the International Space Station could be invested in poor areas of the world, such as: South America, Asia, and Africa. Thus, we would reduce the health issues, and much probably finish the problem of famine in such regions.
  • 3. Global cooperation is fundamental in this kind of research due to the fact they can work together and reach the best result.
  • B)
  • For me the best examples of global cooperation are those to recover a country from a bad situation. I really think the idea of the Global Seed Vault is awesome. The seeds are put there in a box far from the contact of human beings so they cannot be affected for problems in politics, weather etc.
  • Yes, in the future there will be more initiatives like that because the communication between countries are advancing and also between people from different countries. As we can realize, many people are learning to speak English.
  • Unit 7
  • 7)Preview the unit
  • A)
  • I usually donate what I no longer use if it has conditions to be used for another person, whatever it is. If I realize that the thing is not useful anymore, I throw it in the garbage. However, I try to recycle the most that I can always.
  • I think society is very wasteful. Most of the people, do not try to fix a thing if ti is broken. They simply buy a new one and throw the old one in the garbage. We should avoid that always to help the nature.
  • On the photo, we see cans of coke and plastic bottles ornamenting a tree. It is an excellent way to reuse this used material and make something really colorful and creative.
  • B) We can turn trash into treasure reusing cans, bottles, boxes card by using creativity. In this way, we exercise the generation of ideas in our brains and also, mainly, help the environment.
  • 8)What do you think?
  • 1. Singapore is a very small island with many people living on. Therefore, the population had a problem with its deposal of garbage because they were producing too much garbage although they didn’t have space to put it in. For this reason, the Singapore’s government decided to create that solution. Although, this project is very expensive ($ 400 million U.S. dollars), it was a necessity for that land.
  • 2. I guess this solution would work in other countries. Plus, as much this technology be used, it will be cheaper.

Unit 9

9)Preview the Unit

  • A)
  • Unfortunately, the time that I have most energy is in the night, especially before sleeping. Thus, I wake up so tired and through the day I get energy and finally before sleeping I fell so awake. In that case, I can consider myself a night owl.
  • What cause people to suffer from low energy levels are usually things related with stress. For instance, I can cite poor or lack of sleeping, too much stress on the work, financial problems, pressure for good grades in the school and so on.
  • At the photo, we make an inference that probably the picture was taken in China. People are doing exercise and it seems to be so relaxing. We also realize by the face of the people that they are so concentrated in what they are doing.
  • B) What energizes people basically is what they do for fun or what make them better. For instance, working out, hobbies, traveling, acknowledgment, positive energy from the people around and so on.

10)What do you think?

  • 1. Yes. Enough quality sleep, lowering stress, and eating well really help people to boost energy levels. However, I see many people tired all the time so probably they don’t do those things.
  • 2. I have enough energy to spend on what I like doing. However, I don’t have enough time to do exercising which I love doing and also no time for doing outside activities.
  • 3. Yes, most of the people who I know are always too busy and also complaining about that, including myself. Usually, people have more than one role, for instance work and study, or two jobs so because of that people get tired and stressed.
  • Unit 4
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  • A)
  • I really love taking pictures, and after coming to Canada, I am taking more pictures to record what I am living. I also love recording videos. For me, it is the best way to keep the memories. It is so important to do that, keeping the memories and what we lived in the past, and sometimes refresh the mind by taking a look on the photos and videos as well.
  • Honesty is always telling the truth regardless the consequences. Some people says “I omitted the truth because I was afraid of losing your friendship”. We see lies in all the kinds of relationships, such as: friendship, relationship, marriage, family, work. For me, I prefer to know the truth always, even if it hurts me a lot. I really hate lies.
  • On the photo, the man is using the perspective to make the viewers believe that the dolls are bigger and maybe make it seem human beings.

B)Most of the time, the pictures don’t show the truth behind itself. For instance, sometimes, friends tell me that they have big problems but minutes later they post some picture on Facebook with a very big smile on the face so it is just an illustration.

12)What do you think?

  • 1. Yes, if a company uses a distorted map in its ad, that company is being dishonest because when the customers buy the products from that company, it will not be as how it was expected to.
  • 2. No, we cannot that advertisements are always deceptive, and the contrary as well, we cannot ever trust on advertisement. The ideal thing to do is to use the common sense always doing judgment about it.
  • 3. I like the advertisements which make me laugh and uses creativity. It really stays in my mind.
  • Unit 6
  • 13)Preview the Unit
  • A)
  • I like to spend time in the library doing homework or reading something. I also like appending time on parks, especially here in Thunder Bay, doing some outside activity. For example, rollerblading, skating, playing soccer and so on, in parks such as: Chippewa Park, Marina Park, Cascades conservation Area, Centennial Park and many others.
  • In my town, we don’t have many parks. However, the parks that we have are so beautiful and comfortable. When you are there, you wish to stay there forever. It is notable, the happiness around it. It is something indescribable.
  • Yes, the place of the photo seems to be very beautiful and different. I have been in many fantastic places and I can say that this place is really nice.

B)I think that the size of the landmarks is what most is appealing in such public places.

Unit 8

14)Preview the unit


  • If I could change any aspect of my personality I would choose to change the way I have been taking my responsibilities lately. I have been so lazy, and I was never like that before. Thus, it would improve my student life, I should do my assignments better, I should study for the tests getting better grades and being happier. J
  • Yes, I have been wanting to change my physical appearance. Everybody wants. I would like to be muscular and have an awesome belly. Totally in shape.
  • As we can realize at the photo, the doctor is trying to show the man how he would be with he did an operation in his face. I guess the man wants to seem younger.

B)People usually want to change who they are because in that moment they are not feeling comfortable with themselves so they try to improve that thing or in the personality or in the physical appearance. I consider it is good to change always by trying to reach the best possible.

  • 15) What do you think?
  • 1)I like new experiences , I consider myself an open person to new experiences and adventures.
  • If someone invites me to do something new, I much probably go doing this.
  • 2)I don’t agree that “ the older people become, the harder it is for them to change”. It depends on the personality, and sometimes we see people who when they were young they were so strict and after becoming older they changed to be more open to new experiences.
  • 3)I think that that the social pressure shapes what people think and assume as correct or wrong. Therefore, many things that I consider wrong can be correct for a person who was born in China, but I have to keep in mind that they have a different culture so I cannot criticize them.