Lord of the Flies- Blog 3

In the book Lord of the Flies that I have been reading during this term I have recently found another cultural assumption that William Golding has introduced which is that rich people are better than the poor. It is clearly shown that depending on what your status in society determined how important you were.

William Golding has accepted this cultural assumption because in the book he has characters such as Jack who thinks he is way better than everyone else. An example of this is when Piggy questions Jack and Jack replies to Piggy by saying "Do you know who my dad is" this shows that Jack believes he is better than Piggy because his dad is wealthy and important. This is also shown again when Jack decides to break away and make his own group because he believes he is a leader and the most important person on the island.

I believe William Golding has made this cultural assumption because around the time of the 1950's the communities were divided depending on your social status meaning if you had a lot of money you were important and if you were poor everyone just ignored you.

This book has been really enjoyable to read and I look forward to finishing the book off and see how it will end.

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