New York University is a private American research based in New York University, the main location of this campus is in Greenwich Village in Lower Manhattan. This School was founded in 1931 and the setting of this campus is urban. New York University is very wide spread throughout fields of study and has many individual campuses for each course you are taking and hoping to get a degree for. The reason being that NYU is an open campus school is that increasing numbers of students had joined the campus and the school needed to make sudden changes and build more vastly around the area.


NYU GPA, ACT, and SAT Requirements


Full time students, tuition, 12 to 18 units flat rate, per term $21,873.00 Nonreturnable registration and services fee for flat rate, per term $1,212.00 additional tuition, 19 or more units per term, per unit

(includes a nonreturnable registration and services fee of $65.00 $1,354.00 tuition, per unit$1,289.00 Nonreturnable registration and services fee: First unit Fall Term 2014$461.00 First unit Spring Term 2015 $461.00 Nonreturnable registration and services fee, per unit, for registration after first unit$65.00

Tear It Up!

This day enhances a sense of community between varsity teams and is a great development of communication between athletes and other students. Takes place during both semesters and has shown increasing numbers of athletes since. This is similar to an assembly where all students of the New York University campus are welcome to join and have fun along with everyone else. This is a great opportunity for meeting new people as well as friends.


I want to major in Literature and these are the courses i would have to take in order to achieve that.

A minimum of ten 4-point courses (40 points), distributed as follows:

  • Four required core courses. These are Literary Interpretation (ENGL-UA 200), British Literature I (ENGL-UA 210), British Literature II (ENGL-UA 220), and American Literature I (ENGL-UA 230). Note that Literary Interpretation should be the first course taken in the major; it may be taken concurrently with either British Literature I or American Literature I. The department recommends that British Literature I be taken before either British Literature II or American Literature I.
  • One course in critical theories and methods. The following courses may be used to fulfill this requirement: ENGL-UA 130, ENGL-UA 710, ENGL-UA 712, ENGL-UA 715, ENGL-UA 730, ENGL-UA 735, ENGL-UA 749, ENGL-UA 755, ENGL-UA 970.
  • One course in British literature before 1800. The following courses may be used to fulfill this requirement: ENGL-UA 143, ENGL-UA 307-310, ENGL-UA 320, ENGL-UA 400, ENGL-UA 410, ENGL-UA 411, ENGL-UA 415, ENGL-UA 440, ENGL-UA 445, ENGL-UA 450, ENGL-UA 500, ENGL-UA 505, ENGL-UA 510, ENGL-UA 512, ENGL-UA 515, ENGL-UA 717, ENGL-UA 950, ENGL-UA 951-953, ENGL-GA 1060, ENGL-GA 1061.
  • One seminar, usually taken in the senior year. Students must first complete the four core courses to be eligible to enroll in seminars.

1.Advanced research and analytical skills, enabling students not only to perform a comparative examination of a given corpus of works but also to construct their own objects of study in a comparative framework and to select appropriate theoretical and methodological tools for their projects.
2. Knowledge of, and critical engagement with, the main trends in literary and cultural theories and methodologies. Furthermore, students learn about theoretical and philosophical traditions related to the study of literature.
3. Evidence of strong skills in at least one foreign language and literature, confirmed by ability to read and analyze texts in the original language, as well as to follow and develop oral and written arguments in that language.
4. Ability to produce complex oral and written arguments on literary topics from a comparative perspective.
5. A sophisticated understanding of cultural, linguistic, and diachronic differences, grappling with the role of translation as a communicative and interpretive practice.
6. An ability to close read literary texts spanning various traditions, periods, and genres and to relate them to other types of writing and to other arts, disciplines, and cultural practices

Literature Teacher Requirements

Education- Bachelors/Masters Degree

Typical Study Time- 4-6 years

Median Salary-  $53,430- $55,050

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

I will be writing this letter of recommendation for Dahlia Perez for the position to be one of your literature teachers at your high school. Dahlia Perez is a bright mind and always wants to succeed her goals. She has the most unique personality and a great person to be around. She is a brilliant student with great qualities.

One of Dahlia’s greatest qualities would be the fact that she loves to be on time. Through my experience with Ms. Perez’s she is will be there before everyone giving her everything but also will stay after hours until she is finishes and has done what is needed to succeed. After observing many people over the years dozens don’t posses this quality that is special and will help in your line of profession. With this quality she not only helped to her success but also provided others with there’s.

Ms. Perez is always ready to give hard work to succeed and give it her all. I have no doubt that she will strive in her profession and benefit your school in multiple ways to make your school shine. If you would like to discuss more, feel free contact me at the information below

Kailie Thomas

Collage English Professor

1234 Gateway to Heaven

El Paso, TX 79936

Tel: (915)-678-999-8212


College Persuasive Essay

I am applying to attend New York University in hopes to advance through my education as well as positively affect your campus. I am extremely dedicated towards this University in hopes that you can catch that reading through this application. I have a very positive perspective in everything I do as well as others and I push myself in full potential whenever I am faced with a challenge.

Showing support and caring for others will surely make you work effectively and will surely bring a positive attitude around wherever you may be. I completely understand that although, going to school is to improve yourself and create better opportunities for yourself, you will always need to have a good character in order to be around others. I attract many great people along with myself because of this characteristic and I know that it could only work the same if I attend your University

Cover Letter for Sonic

Good Morning Manager of Sonic,

I am applying for the open position in your job in hopes to be employed by this summer.

I am currently a full time student at El Dorado 9th Grade Academy. Although I focus all my attention towards my schoolwork and education, I can guarantee that wont be a complication while having a job as well. I have been inducted into N.J.H.S. and participated in many U.I.L. and extra curriculum activities throughout all my school years. I am an orchestra student and I volunteer as much as I can for that class to play my part in the community and create a variety of opportunities for myself. I am dedicated to all of the work and I am an A/B honor roll student. I put in and will be sure that I will give nothing but my all in every situation. I am completely understanding and work well around others trying my best to keep positive energy around wherever I go. I am always willing to help others while doing my job and by doing that I decide to take that as another opportunity to learn.

I have noticed that my abilities could be beneficial to your work environment, and I am fully aware that I will be working about adults and their children if I do meet the requirements of your job. I would be so grateful for the opportunity to have an interview so I can go into more detail of interest in your work.

Thank you for taking time out of your day for considering taking my up for the position, here is my information if you would like to contact me.


Dahlia Eva Perez

14253 gateway to heaven

El Paso, TX 79936


My Resume

Dahlia Eva Perez

1234 Gateway to Heaven El Paso, TX 79936
Phone: 678-999-8212 E-Mail:

I want a career where I can apply my knowledge to its full potential. I also want to expand my knowledge while working and take every work experience, task, and complication as an opportunity to become a more intelligent as an individual.

High School 2014-2018
n Throughout my high school years I had volunteered to help the community around my school and I even took programs such as a technology class where I had worked around the school managing computers and helping around campus.
n I was in NHS throughout high school and I gained many community hours just from that program and I have learned work experience while working all around El Paso
n I was in my school orchestra and I also participated in the El Paso Youth Symphony, which offered many volunteering opportunities to play for all such as orphans, elderly, and military family which helped me learn how to cope and understand with others lives.

Sonic 3/5/15-12/4/15
n While in high school, I had a job working at sonic, which was the first paying job I have ever had that helped me gain responsibility and focusing skills.
Teacher Helper
• In college I studied to be in the education field and helped around a school from December to the beginning of May.

Pebble Hills High School 2014-2018
I got my High School Diploma and exceeded to getting in to the top ten percent of my high school class.
New York University 2018-2022
I received my Masters Degree in Literature and my Minors in music.

I am a very good communicator in-group activities, working with others is not really a problem for me. I love to bring up creative ideas just as much as I like to let ideas from others in. In-group activities I am usually the leader which is advantage; I take everything seriously and stay on task with what I need to do. I am very fond with motivating others to do their absolute best as well. To me I think communication is the key when with others; I have learned how to speak to others patiently and kindly. I am as very independent when it comes to doing my part, I like to be alone when assigned to something to myself, thus I am trying to get a point across that I can expand my limits when given a certain responsibility.

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