"From Mexico to London"


Pablo Delgado is creative artist from mexico but he is now living in London spreading is art threw the streets he is known for his stencil pieces.


Born in Mexico City in 1978, Pablo then moved to Cuernavaca, a town south from of the Capital, where he spent most of his youth. Pablo drew as a child, but would only return to drawing later on, first completing a degree in Communications and producing audiovisual works instead. In 2008 he worked in production and direction but in 2008 decided to go back to what felt more immediate, and starting to paint once more. He has also since worked with plastics. In 2010 Pablo arrived in London and soon began working with installation, as well as on the street, disbanding his small character paste-ups of his drawings across the city.


This is a picture of his art work and he makes his pictures so small because there are so many people in the world and we are so big that's what "Pablo Delgado"says.


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