The Chinese Dynasties
The Sui Dynasty

With new founded Dynasties, came rulers that were either good or bad. Starting with the Sui Dynasty, was their empire.

The Sui Dynasty was a short lived empire that was founded by Emperor Wen. Wen united the whole nation by defeating the southern Dynasties.

They also made the great canal.The great canal was used for transportation, commerce, and the spread of culture.

The Song Dynasty

The Song Dynasty was founded by a military general named Zhao Kuangyin. After Wen was taken down, he took charge.

This general was called Emperor Taizu, and during his lifetime, he went on to defeat most of the kingdoms around him and established the Song Empire.

Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty was like the Han Empire, it had much commerce, religion, and new eras of empires. The Tang Dynasty had about 60 million people living there.

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