8.MEH.2.2 The Decision-Making Model

Scenario 3:

A not so popular student has invited you to a sleep over at a birthday party on Friday night. You have accepted the invitation and are planning to attend. On Wednesday, you are invited to  a boy-girl  party for the same Friday night by one of the most popular students in your school,someone you have hoped to become friends with. After talking with your friends, you realize most of them will attend the boy-girl party. Your parents have told you it is your decision, but that you should attend the party you responded to first. You really want to be a part of the papular crowd. What do you do?

Step 1: State The Situation: Your invited to two parties and there on the same day.

Step 2: List The Options: Try to make it to both. Go to one of them.

Step 3: Weigh The Possible Outcomes: One of my friends are going to be mad at me.

Step 4 : Consider Values: Yes because its my choice and if i wanna do it I can.

Step 5: Make A Decision And Act It: I would go up to the person who invited me to a boy-girl party and tell them I can't go because I'm already going to another party.

Step 6: Evaluate The Decision: I think the decision I made was a good one and was the right choice to make because she asked me first and I had already accepted.

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