Why should you go to Canada this year?

Why should you go to Canada this year?

The First Nation

Come visit Canada and explore The First Nation. Experience the culture and and traditions of some of Canada's first people.

Largest Cities

Picture of Toronto, on of Canada's largest and most populated cities.

A few of your must go places on your trip to Canada should be: Toronto, Ontario, and Ottawa. These are popular places for shipping exports and receiving imports.


Canadians have a true love for their country.

Come explore the different cultures that Canada offers. Don't worry about not fitting in, Canada is supported by multiculturalism. Every one is welcome!


Canada, like most countries, have their own airplane line.

Canada has the same transportation options as America. Weather you want to travel across the world or to the next town over; there is so many ways to get there!

The Vancover sun train.


Canada was a French founded colony for hundreds of years

Along with speaking English, Canadians are multilangual. Some speak french, or native languages. A large portion of Canada was settled by the french so they kept some of the traditions and the language.

Arts and Entertainment

One of the things Canada is most famous for is Niagra Falls

There is a lot to do in Canada. You can see beautiful works of nature or visit amazing attractions. We promise you will leave Canada in awe.


Prime minister Stephen Harper.

Canada has a Constitutional Monarchy. Which means we have a queen and a prime minister who runs our country.


Canadian money is different from Americas. A dollar in America is worth $1.12 in Canada.

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